Morning Sex Good for Heart Rate

Responding to news that the Morning Sex can increase sexual arousal, is associated with the studied Arlene Goldman, Psychology Today, about the benefits Morning Sex.

In one of his writings on the Secrets of Secual Ecstasy, Arlene Goldman explains the average guy is very excited in the morning because at that level most high male hormone testosterone. "Levels of Testosterone in the morning so high that they trigger an orgasm happens," he said as quoted wellsphere.

It is known that male testosterone levels begin to rise at midnight and reached its peak in 5-8 hours of the morning. In addition to increased testosterone, in the morning he also experienced increased heart rate.

"If testosterone reaches the highest level, men will become more energetic when making love. The energy that could make them more durable, "added Goldman.

The trick when the husband woke up and had a strong morning erection, you are ready at his side, of course, feeling sexy and in the mood for sex. "Make yourself refreshed when I woke up, it can make your mood to make love with her ​​husband," said Goldman.

Sex in the morning is very good for mepererat intimacy of husband and wife can create a good mood in the workplace.

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