'Super Tuesday', U.S. candidates Mitt Romney Confident Win

Leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney believes the United States win in the vote "Super Tuesday" or "Super Tuesday" which he calls the "struggle for the soul of America." The former Massachusetts governor is going to fight with a number of other candidates, including his strongest rival, Rick Santorum.

'Super Tuesday' primaries or caucuses was Republican simultaneously in 10 U.S. states on Tuesday, March 6 local time, which may determine who will play President Barack Obama of the Democratic party in the upcoming elections 6 November.

Of the 10 states, the Ohio will provide the greatest victory for the candidate. Romney also called for Ohio residents, mostly working class, to choose him.
"If you do your job tomorrow, we'll win this thing," Romney said in front of cheering supporters in Zanesville, Ohio as reported by AFP news agency on Tuesday (06/03/2012).
Romney's strongest rivals, Santorum is a Catholic who aggressively oppose abortion and gay marriage. Santorum calls himself as an authentic conservative who understands the working-class voters and can beat Obama in the upcoming elections.

But according to a recent poll released Quinnipiac University, Romney won 34 percent of the vote of support from likely voters Ohio. While Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator has the support 31 percent of the vote. Santorum is seen as the only conservative Republican candidate who is consistent in a series of national debates about cultural issues like religion, contraception and women's rights.
Two other candidates are former chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Romney has so far been victorious in eight states including turutnya successive victories in five states: Maine, Michigan, Arizona, Wyoming and Washington. Victory after victory that reinforces the position of former employers ahead of 'Super Tuesday'.
In the 'Super Tuesday', there are 419 delegates up for grabs, or nearly 40 percent of the total delegates needed to win the party nomination. Romney has so far led with 203 delegates from earlier contests. While Santorum pocketing 92 delegates, with 33 delegates Gingrich and Paul won 25 delegates.


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