Improve Relations with Laughter Together With He

Your relationship is more often peppered with arguments rather than a romantic moment? Maybe it's time you and he is more often 'learn' laugh together.

Any thing that causes you both laugh, can increase the affinity and add romanticism in romance. In addition, studies show that more laughing helps you live longer.

The question now, what can be done so that your days and the he was full of laughter? This is some way, as quoted from the nest.

1. Watching Movies or Comedy Shows
Take the he watch movies or comedy shows regularly, at least once a week. You can rent a DVD and watch it with your partner at home, watching at the cinema or watch humorous programs on television. Satire or slapstick comedy, will make you laugh together and discuss the funny scenes that show characters in the film.

2. Go to Amusement Park
Ride the adrenaline rides like roller coasters, waterfalls or whitewater rafting. You can hold each other as the train reached the highest peak, shouting along and laugh together. You can also laugh at each other's face turned lover strange or funny because of fear or messy hair. After climbing extreme rides you and he can relax with a quieter ride.

3. Try Something New
Try new things that you and partner have never tried. If you and he both like things extreme, try to learn surfing, bungee jumping, skydiving or mountain climbing. But remember to hire a professional or ask bimbinga for activities that are dangerous.
In addition to the extreme, you could try to cook meals together. Read the recipe book and try to create a unique food from other countries. Trying something new, can add together and help you both find the subject interesting.

4. Tell Genesis Funny
When meeting a boyfriend, tell a unique or funny incidents that you experience during this week, or when you are on the way to the rendezvous. You could tell stories about taxi drivers who like to complain, the person who slipped because of too high heels, misspelled banners and other interesting things. Ask also what funny celebration of which he had experienced. Given the events of funny, will make you laugh together and relations became warmer.

source : wlp

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