7 Signs You By Psychic Torturing Men

Violence in a relationship could happen. Violence is not just physical abuse, but also psychological. As quoted by the Times of India, a survey of states, one in three women experience mental torture. What are the signs of the man who tortured her lover in a psychic? As quoted Self Growth, this is it the sign!

1. Jealousy is not in place
Beloved has a great jealousy of friends, coworkers, even family. They become jealous because it has a sense of ownership that is too excessive. Excessive jealousy can be incorporated into the class of psychic violence. Because usually, the action followed by accusing you cheated for no reason. He also will always lurk your presence by calling, sending SMS or fuel barrage.

2. By Controlling Excessive
He not only demands attention from you, but also control you. Ranging from mobile phones to check their partner every time until the force is always shuttle. Do not stop there, a man who likes to do psychic violence also will manage finances and restrict the activities of her lover. This is due, because men do not want to see her boyfriend more independent and strong.

3. Feeling Great
Men will always feel right. He will justify his actions by blaming you or anyone else. He did not hesitate to drop even insulted his girlfriend to make you look weak and they can feel more powerful.

4. Manipulate
The man who always tries to blame you, so you'll feel guilty is one sign of the attitude of psychological violence. He's good at manipulating the situation, so that makes you feel very guilty.

5. Mood Changed Drastically
Another sign is a very good man and loving after the psychic violence done. But at other times, he can be very rough, such as yelling or saying the words that do not deserve.

6. In accordance with Attitude No Words
After he looked earnestly promised not to hurt you again and say a very fond of her, soon he will break his promise. He'll be back again doing psychic violence.

7. No Respect for Women
The kind of guy who often committing acts of violence, usually do not respect women, even younger brother and mother. Look at the treatment of lovers in the family, if he be harsh on the people closest, then he can also treat roughly You.

To overcome the man who often be harsh, as mentioned above, do not just shut up! And follow these tips that may help avoid violence and psychological.

source : wlp

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