Forbidden to Eat Shark For Pregnant Women

After giving birth, some mothers complained about feeling depressed. But the actual mental state is not going to happen, if they become pregnant while to get used to eating fish.

"The consumption of DHA during pregnancy at a sufficient level obtained from food, has the potential to reduce symptoms of depression after childbirth," said researchers from the University of Connecticut, USA, Dr. Michelle Price Judge, quoted from page Daily Mail.

Benefits of omega-3 fats they contain fish of the baby blues or depression in new mothers who give birth, has been specifically studied by scientists in the United States.

However, the amount of fish consumed should also be restricted. Because if the majority, the result is not good. Namely, it can be bad for your baby's development. In principle, women have to balance nutrition with the consumption of other foods as a counterweight.

Dr. Michelle added a few more women to choose food supplement for fish instead. However, he said, eating fish remains a more nutritious choice.

Fish that can be consumed by pregnant women is also not arbitrary. Fatty fish, including mackerel, sardines, salmon and trout, should not be eaten more than twice a week. So is the tuna steak, limited to only two weeks.

And that it must be remembered very well, the same pregnant women should not eat swordfish, shark, and marlin.
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