Tips for Facing a Men Passive When Making Love

Apart from premature ejaculation, not a few women complain that their partner is also passive during sex. What to do in face of a man like this?

According to the consultant when the partner or husband sex passive in sex, you need to know a few things. Try to find out the answer to the following questions:

1. Is my husband just recently been changed into inactive during intercourse, or since the he is already married is not the active type?
2. If it changes, since when exactly fuck husband no longer active?
3. Are there certain diseases suffered by the husband, such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood?
4. Does husband have jobs that require high energy so that when the house was tired?
5. Are there psychological factors which roughly make passive husbands?

According to dr. Vanda, all questions necessary to find out the answer to sexual problems can be solved. It is advisable to communicate with my husband about it kepasifannya during lovemaking.

"When you need to ask the husband. It is your right as a wife to get sexual satisfaction from your partner," he told wolipop.

If the problem of passivity husband is not immediately sought a solution, it can cause problems later on. For example, you can become bored because they do not get satisfaction from your partner.

"Communication can be the key, select the appropriate time and place so that your husband can talk openly to you without feeling offended," said dr. Vanda.

When chatting, ask the cause of her husband no longer active in sex. Find out what he really feel when the relationship occurred, and what exactly he wants. If the problem you can not handle both, it helps you and your husband come to sexologists.


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