Women Lip Color Most Favorite Male

Makeup trends spring / summer makeup lipstick adorned with strong color like red neon, bright orange and fuchsia. Plans to wear on a date? Better think twice.

Maybe she will think, outward appearance bright color lipstick will make his stand out and be the center of attention. But for men, women with a polished natural color lipstick and a little more attractive glossy seen. Even some men claim to prefer looking at women with no outward appearance of lipstick on her lips.

A small study conducted site daily beauty makeover to 50 men. They are shown in the photo a few celebrities with two different makeup styles, glamorous and natural makeup. Among Charlize Theron, Ashley Greene, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Saldana. The result, as much as 70 percent of men would rather see their makeup natural.

The reason? Women with naturally colored lips and shiny regarded as a person who they are and cares about the beauty of ourselves and those around him.

Quoted from your tango, a man from Michigan, just mention his name Chris believes, "Women berlipstik light show that they are too concerned with appearances. Only care if he looks good or not."

Men who worked as a reporter adds, "A little lip gloss on the lips outward appearance shows women who care about the appearance, but do not take it too seriously."

Light-colored lipstick that can be 'acceptable' male is red. That, too, think they only fit worn during special occasions such as weddings, or a formal party in the evening. Moreover, other bright colors will make a man lose interest in women.

According to Dr Geof Baeattie, researchers from the University of Manchester, as reported by the daily mail, red lips and charm women have strong links. Red lipstick is puller tool of the most powerful attention.

However, please note the type of red color as what is considered attractive man. True red, purplish red or dark red is the color of men's favorite red.

"Red old for special events. But for day-to-day, much simpler the better," said Adam, 25-year-old boy.

Source : wlp

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