5 Causes Female Fear End Of Love

Many women who maintain a relationship with her boyfriend, although they often hurt. Perhaps you are confused and wondering, why the friend, brother or even yourself can not escape from the lover, when you knew he was not good.

There are many reasons why women can not break from her boyfriend. As quoted from the All Women Talks, here are five reasons women still retain a painful relationship.

Fear Alone
Some women think his girlfriend is everything and not a few women who become very dependent on her lover. As a result, they are afraid to live his own life. Nothing else to pick up after the move, skip the movies in theaters and are no longer able to enjoy a night of the week. Maybe those things that become frightened women.

Suggestion: In order not to depend on the lover, from the initial commitment, women had to create distance. So it does not always depend on it, it could still have their own activities and hanging out with friends.

Got a handsome lover
The second reason why women do not want to be separated from her boyfriend because he is handsome. Some women feel proud to have a lover with the above physical standards. They fear that if not find another good-looking guy like her boyfriend today.

Advice : good looks and beauty one is not the main thing in a relationship. If he has a handsome face but have bad morals, not always make happy.

Rich Men
Another reason why women do not want to part with his lover was a man of wealth. Sometimes treasures can be blinding the eyes of women. Women also may be used to the lavish treatment given to her lover.

Advice : Happiness should not be measured from the property. Maybe financially, all your needs are met. But what about the mind? Satisfaction material will not be comparable with contentment.

Fear of talk from outside parties
Maybe women think, what would think parents and the people when they learn that the relationship has ended? Some women also fear that if her former lover will talk about it. Strictly speaking, many women are afraid that if there is talk bad about them, so they do not want any talk sideways and chose to maintain the relationship.

Advice: Life is too short to listen to other people inclined, willing to maintain the relationship, just because you do not want to reap the gossip. Look for your happiness without fear of talk from outside, and anyway they are not necessarily negative thinking about you.

Feeling guilty
Another reason why women do not also move on after being hurt, because they feel guilty. For example, a woman finds her boyfriend cheating. Many times women are not blaming her lover, but instead blames himself for not having much time or less give love to his girlfriend. Thus, many women feel they can improve the relationship.

Advice: Do not ever think you are wrong, if the man who had an affair means they are wrong. It's good, she does not give a second chance after a man caught doing adultery. Easy to forgive the woman's nature is often used him to repeat his mistake.

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