Want More Passionate Sex? Improve Quality of Sleep

Sleep quality did not cause a low sex drive. Drowsiness is usually derived from a depleted energy after working all day.

The energy drained will cause fatigue and body demanding rest, without adequate rest, the mood and energy can not be normal again. Fatigue create energy and interest in sex had become lost.

The study found as many as 48 percent of married couples lose interest in sex in years 4 and 5 of their marriage. Some diseases are likely to be the cause of decreased sexual desire, but the best reason is the flow.

A lot of work, stress and discord in the office will make the physical and mental weakness at home. Lust to touch, even if still there but if not accompanied by strong physical certainly can not do much.

Sleep is the condition for the rest of all members of the body, with enough sleep mood and energy for the activity will rise again. People who are sleep deprived do not have a lot of energy to work and have sex.

The doctors say their patients, both men and women who lack of sleep and rest reported low libido and reduced sexual desire them. The men with sleep apnea is a condition shortness of breath during sleep while complaining about the declining sex drive. In one study stated that men with sleep quality do not have the testosterone levels are low or low.

Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, Professor Daniel F Kripe confirmed, the person who has a habit of sleeping an average of 6.5 hours a day to have sufficient quality sleep and have no reason to add more hours of sleep again.

From the above results we can take a lot of conclusions about the risks and good sleep quality. For it is expected that we can follow the results of these studies, it is for the quality of our body's metabolism to be good.

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