5 Benefits Kegel

Kegel exercises known as a sport that is not only good for fitness, but also can improve the quality of sex. In addition, Kegel help male or female reproductive organs function better.

If done regularly, Kegel exercises can maintain health and increase the satisfaction of sex. But how much gymnastic ability that is developed Dr. Arnold Kegel in helping improve the quality of sex? Here is the answer, as quoted from Lifemojo.

1. Pelvic Muscle Strengthening Bones
Pelvic bones strong muscles will make the body more healthy and protects you from diseases that often strike during physical aging. The body is always fit, will produce a healthy sex life as well.

2. Controlling the release of Urine When Penetration Sex
Not rare couples who experience sexual penetration when the urine out. This of course makes sex activities became less comfortable. Kegel exercises can train the muscles and reduce inconsistencies pelvis urine that causes the urine out of a sudden. Couples who face the problem of urination, can be overcome once they begin to practice this exercise.

3. Increase Sex Satisfaction
Kegel has been proven as an effective therapy for men and women with low libido levels. Kegel exercises to train the muscles around the pelvis that contract during orgasm. One of them pubococcygeus or better known as the PC.

PC muscle plays an important role during sex, both in women and men. Reactions such as shock and 'cramps' during orgasm are stimulated by the spontaneous and rapid contraction of this muscle. Movement tighten and relax the PC muscle several times (approximately 25 times) during sexual penetration can help them reach climax.

4. Helping Achieve Powerful Orgasms
PC muscles helps blood flow in the male reproductive organs and toning the muscles in charge of controlling ejaculation. By doing so, can prolong erections and enjoyment of sex.

5. Helping Solve Prostate Problems in Men
If done regularly, Kegel exercises can help men overcome the inconsistencies of urine and cure prostate gland swelling. Gland disorders has led to the emergence of pain or irritation to the penis during urination. When the prostate problem is resolved, automatic sex activities are also more comfortable and satisfying husband and wife.

Kegel is an easy sport. Even just by reading a guide book or view the demo in the video, the couple can simply practice the Kegel exercises. But if you and your partner want to maximize results and avoid mistakes that can be caused injury, should participate in special Kegel class for several sessions.


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  1. It is very very informative post. I recommend kegals. Im looking forward for more.

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